Creative heart
of Eindhoven

A new function for the industrial heritage of Eindhoven with living, shopping and working. A creative hot-spot that continues to develop.

What to do today?
22 march Popei

Brawling Big
Bands 2020

CKE Eindhoven, Vereniging Jazzworks Eindhoven en POPEI organiseren de vijfde editie van Brawling Big Bands met optredens van verschillende bigbands uit de regio.

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Zondag 15 march 2020

The Feelgood

A vibrant event full of handmade, original and inspiring products, delicious (bio) snacks, drinks, workshops and good live music.

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SO.. You Can Longboard Dance 2019 - Official Promo
11 - 12 April Klokgebouw

So You can
Longboard Dance

So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ The famous World Cup Longboard dancing & freestyle.

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April 28 - May 2

EK Squash 2020

The largest squash tournament in Europe, the European Squash Championships is coming to the clock building in 2020.

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30 May Klokgebouw


One day packed with exclusive, vintage and custom motorbikes.
Art, photography, food, merchandise and more!

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