Creative heart
of Eindhoven

A new function for the industrial heritage of Eindhoven with living, shopping and working. A creative hot-spot that continues to develop.

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Several dates in July and August


Enjoy the Eindhoven summer together: the Buitenfilm is back!
because we love cool evenings, balmy nights, toast to life.

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SO.. You Can Longboard Dance 2019 - Official Promo
September 19 - 20 2020

So You can
Longboard Dance

So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ The famous World Cup Longboard dancing & freestyle.

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Several dates in September and October

Masters of the
silver screen

In this four-part film course we investigate the 'signature' of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Fellini, Scorsese, Almodóvar, Von Trier, Tarantino and Coppola.

September 26 - 27 2020

Maker faire

The Maker Faire is the largest Show (and Tell) on earth: a family-friendly festival where invention, creativity and ingenuity are central.

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Postponed, New date t.b.a.


One day packed with exclusive, vintage and custom motorbikes.
Art, photography, food, merchandise and more!

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