Hospetailty Industry

Bagel & Juice


Bagel and Juice mark the spot for a cool, friendly eatery specialising in scrumptious bagels, fresh juices and delicious fresh coffee.

The owners Bram Sanders, Silvia Sanders, manager Cleo Clerx and the rest of the team have long been enthusiastic about the special Bagel and Juice concept. For a friendly atmosphere, delicious fresh bagels and the most incredible fruit juices ever there is no better place than Bagel and Juice.

Bagel & Juice is housed along the Torenallee on the ground floor of the ANTON building. Neighbouring Urban Shopper is a shopping centre that houses small-scale initiatives, innovative concepts and challenging combinations in the fields of fashion, (eco) design, reused, vintage, interior and (urban) art. Bagel & Juice can be entered through the side entrance through Urban Shopper. (P.S.: there is plenty of parking space nearby!)


  • Torenallee 60
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven


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