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Broeinest Eindhoven can be found in the heart of Strijp-S.

Diagonally opposite Caffee Allee and the Ontdekfabriek, Broeinest Caffee is situated in the midst of a hotbed of architects and associated companies in the Glasgebouw in Strijp-S. Its central location makes Broeinest not only the canteen for the Glasgebouw’s employees; anyone working at or visiting Strijp-S can visit it to enjoy a fresh and delicious breakfast or lunch. Broeinest serves a range of different coffees, teas, sandwiches, soups, salads, soft drinks and fruit juices (to eat on the spot or to take away).

Robin Hood Eindhoven

Broeinest Caffee is part of Robin Hood Eindhoven, a social catering business that employs people with a distance from the labour market, thereby providing them with the opportunity to get ahead in life. We challenge our employees to provide the necessary quality to eventually succeed in a regular job. As such, Robin Hood’s catering companies offer top quality from people giving it their all. In addition to Broeinest Caffee, Robin Hood Eindhoven owns the following companies:

Caffee Allee | (Strijp-S) Het Cruydenhuisch | neighbourhood restaurant (Kruidenbuurt in Stratum) Reizende Spijzen | catering & events


  • Torenallee 45
  • 5617 BA Eindhoven


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