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You can do your small daily shopping at Strijp-S at Onder de Leidingstraat!

Not in the mood to make your own sandwich or cook? Choose one of our fresh and healthy meals. Free from artificial additives, predominantly organic, and made with a huge dollop of love. Drop by to enjoy our dishes!

For daily shopping, you do not always have to go to the supermarket. Onder de Leidingstraat is a convenient deli where you can buy the most delicious and honest essentials in Strijp-S. Our products vary from a simple coffee to a delicious Italian pasta. Enjoy a traditional Dutch vegetable mash, a sumptuously filled sandwich or a nice glass of wine with savoury snacks. It is up to you: take away or find a comfortable spot.


  • Leidingstraat 45
  • 5617 AJ Eindhoven
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