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Urban culture cooperative EMOVES was launched by three large Eindhoven-based urban culture and sports institutes.

Urban culture is the collective name of a creative and artistic lifestyle, founded on a mentality of learning while doing, entrepreneurship and innovation. A large number of people from all layers of society—regardless of ethnicity, gender or age—are pursuing this lifestyle.

Urban culture is a hotbed of musical, visual, physical and creative expressions of (young) urbanites. It is the culture of people who often have a tough time aligning with the city’s mainstream culture. Inspired by street encounters, these creatives often find their peers on the internet and via social media.

Over the past eight years, EMOVES has organised and supported and host of projects and events in all disciplines of urban culture and sports. Many of these initiatives started as small-scale projects in Eindhoven, eventually growing into prominent events of global renown. Understandably, the practitioners and supporters of these events grew in unison with the events themselves. Having organised seven editions of the EMOVES Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven, the organisation has decided to move onto the next phase of its development.


  • Klokgebouw 52
  • 5617 AB Eindhoven


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