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Gusj Market


A unique experience at an equally unique location.

Yes, this is the one and only Gusj Market, a true delight to all idiosyncratic masters of the art of living. Have a blast rummaging around in a splendid collection of large and small must-haves—for your home, your garden, your kitchen (and yourself, of course). For colourful, creative living—just the way you like it. The world of Gusj is all about love at first sight. #ohmygusj

The Gusj Market is situated in the striking Machinekamer in Strijp-S in Eindhoven. For many years, this machine room literally functioned as the drive shaft of Philips’ large industrial estate, Strijp-S. Constructed in the twenties of the previous century by Philips, today this area marks the transition into Eindhoven’s bustling and creative new city centre.


  • Ketelhuisplein 7
  • 5617 AE Eindhoven
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