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In search of a location with a distinctive concept for your party or meeting?

Keukenconfessies gives both companies and private persons the opportunity to organise the most wide-ranging activities and events. From dinners to drinks to weddings—everything is possible. Keukenconfessies has it all (except a run-of-the-mill concept).

Keukenconfessies is housed on the fourth floor of the Klokgebouw since 2002, in one of the former Philips factories on the Strijp-S premises. What once functioned as a machine shop now has an entirely new, contemporary role. Although its function has changed, the industrial character of the large, atmospheric kitchen and an immense, adjoining space is still tangible.

Chef Maarten Lockefeer is the owner of Keukenconfessies. Maarten works with independent food designer Franke Elshout ( Together, they form the creative team that loves to take on innovative, food-related projects.

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