Kriz Interior
& Lifestyle


Multifunctionality, fair trade, handmade, upcycling, customisation.

Kriz interior & lifestyle offers appealing products with an emphasis on sustainability. Multifunctionality, fair trade, handmade, upcycling and customisation are the criteria by which we select our products.

Kriz interior & lifestyle sells multifunctional sofas and chairs by the Danish brand Innovation Living. Perletta Carpets supplies the soft, woollen rugs, customised to the customer’s individual wishes. Produced by a fair-trade project in Thailand, Cottonballlights creates large, round cotton-wire lamps in a range of colours. The biodegradable cutlery of Zuperzozial, made from bamboo and maize fibre, is presented in the shop together with the acacia wooden bowls, serving trays and candlesticks of fair-trade brand Kinta. The poetic cardboard products by Studio Roof inspire to create and tell stories.


  • Torenallee 60-02
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven
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