The Leidingstraat is an important element in Strijp-S.

The 550m long industrial pergola leads the way and is a connecting element. You can stroll over it, or sit below it on a bench or a terrace. The Leidingstraat has been adorned with urban planting.

Famous landscape architect Piet Oudolf created Leidingstraat’s design. He previously designed a similar industrial architectural highlight with the High Line in New York. Intersecting the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, the old, elevated train track has now been transformed into a beautiful park, accessible to the public.

Furnished in urban green with interesting additions at particular junctions and attractive evening lighting, Leidingstraat has become a bustling and highly valued street, and is in itself a good reason to visit Strijp-S. All transformations have been executed with respect towards existing constructions, while maintaining the street’s raw, industrial appearance. All pipes have been kept, for example, and maintenance has only been conducted when strictly necessary.


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