MLY Pilot Store


MLY is a Dutch fashion brand with a mission.

We’re known for our artisanal approach towards fashion. We often develop the raw materials we use for our fabrics ourselves, and the bulk of their production takes place in the Netherlands. MLY is an initiative by fashion designer Emily Hermans.

The Eindhoven fashion designer Emily Hermans is known for her artisan approach to fashion. She prefers to seek inspiration in the materials and methods. She commonly develops the raw materials for her fabrics herself and the majority of the manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands. MLY presents itself quite emphatically as an eco-brand. So left-over yarns are used for the limited editions. MLY also uses lots of natural, biodegradable fibres. Most of the printed pieces are done digitally, using much less water than other printing processes consume. Here, too, biodegradable inks are used.


  • Torenallee 40-10
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven
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