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We don’t sell haircuts—we sell a feeling.

We make sure that whatever we create is a perfect fit with who you are. If you’re the kind of person who loves to be rocking a stylish haircut, we’re the hairdressers for you. The best hairdressers in the Eindhoven region.

Hairdresser Jay once started in his own shed and now cuts hair in the Urban Shopper in Strijp-S. Although an expert at cutting European and Asian hair, Jay is a genuine African-hair specialist. He will passionately take on any hair-related challenge. No matter the hair type, hairdresser Jay can do it all.

Specialities are faded shaves and figures shaved in hair and beards.

Anyone looking for a unique and distinctive cut should call Jay!


  • Torenallee 60-02
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven
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