We excel at stimulating entrepreneurship.

Office-S is a community of more than 300 entrepreneurs vested in the Videolab and the Glasgebouw. Office-S focuses on the personal and organisational development of its members, facilitating in an appropriate and inspiring work environment.
The place for creative producers also offers …

Working in Strijp-S is special, just like the former Philips buildings are. There is a dynamic work atmosphere in Strijp-S thanks to the industrious development of residential and work facilities and services. The people here enjoy challenges and the cohesion that working here creates.

There is a strong sense of community among Office-S members, which facilitates exceptional collaboration and cross-pollination. If you want to be part of and benefit from the thriving business climate at Strijp-S, please contact us now to discuss the opportunities!


  • Torenallee 20
  • 5617 BC Eindhoven


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