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A unique concept combining a patisserie, chocolate factory, confectionary, tea salon, tasting room and ice-cream parlour.

What makes Pastryclub unique is its unbridled love for everything related to food. As a craftsman, it is beautiful to crawl into our customers’ skin, experiencing our products from their perspective. Doing so helps us to continue innovating, allowing our customers to enjoy delicious “pastry” whenever they visit.

From macaroons to delightful filled chocolates and delicious ice-cream to cakes: the Pastryclub sells everything to do with patisserie, chocolate and ice-cream! Entrepreneurs Jurgen and Richard have transformed part of the Machinekamer in Strijp-S into a beautiful space where you can immerse yourself in all these delights. To eat them yourself, but also to make them yourself!

Pastryclub is not only a great place to find something delicious, it is also a space for following patisserie, cake, ice-cream workshops and other things to do with this. Children are welcome too: the gents have great programmes for children’s parties.

This beautiful location isalso available for parties, meetings, receptions and presentations, and of course with finger-licking good catering.


  • Ketelhuisplein 7-9
  • 5617 AE Eindhoven
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