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Radio Royaal


Philips' former energy house houses restaurant Radio Royaal.

Push the machines aside: Philips' former power plant is now home to Radio Royaal. French-German cuisine, thirteen hundred square meters of unadulterated industrial design.

Radio Royaal’s owner is Niels Wouters. Niels is co-owner of the trendy Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam, in an old garage on an industrial estate on the IJ. Enjoy a surprising combination of good food, friendly service and hospitality in an industrial setting there. In the Machinekamer -painstakingly renovated and converted by Trudo over the last six months, without spoiling the uniqueness of the space – Radio Royaal promises a similarly exceptional experience.


  • Ketelhuisplein 10
  • 5617 AE Eindhoven
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