We have moved away from the per-square-metre mindset, renting in terms of need instead.

S-Clusiv is intended to facilitate young entrepreneurs, who strengthen each other in various disciplines, in their need for a professional environment in which to receive customers and business relationships. In practice, this translates into the making available of exclusive, fully furnished workplaces with extensive, flexible service packages at affordable rates.

S-Clusiv’s power lies in the characteristic visual identity of the locations (old Philips factories with loft-esque spaces), while offering an open work structure, aimed at stimulating synergy between renters. S-Clusiv offers a range of workplaces that can be rented on a monthly basis (or longer).

Furthermore, S-Clusiv is a member of Office-S, a renter’s community of companies in the Videolab and the Glasgebouw set up with the aim of stimulating cross-pollination and network sharing.


  • Torenallee 45
  • 5617 BA Eindhoven
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