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Sint Lucas


The portal of the creative industry.

SintLucas guides creative talents towards a sparkling future in the creative industry.

Connecting students and employees with alumni, the business community, other schools and cultural institutions, SintLucas is a creative community firmly rooted in society. Within the borders and outside of the school, online and via social media, domestically and beyond our national borders, SintLucas is always actively contributing to a better future for the creative industry.

This is why SintLucas is now located at Strijp-S. Opened in October 2016 by Dutch Minister of Education, Jet Bussemakers, the new school, housed in the two monumental wings of the NatLab, has around 15,000 m2 designated to education—its arrival bringing more than 1,900 students and 200 teachers to Strijp-S. The school has already agreed on various cooperative agreements with Strijp-S-based companies, providing students with practical opportunities through which to familiarise themselves with the creative industry.


  • Torenallee 75
  • 5617 BB Eindhoven
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