Slagerij Ad 


A truly artisanal butcher shop!

Slagerij Reinders – your go-to address for artisanal meat products, such as dry sausages, dried sheep’s ham, salami, pâté, steak, rack of lamb, chops, chicken, veal escalope, and much, much more.

Ever tried one of Ad Reinders’ irresistible platters of ham and sausage with your glass of beer or wine in Het Veem? How about a ham sandwich, some pancetta or coppa as an evening snack? Truly delicious! Undoubtedly, you’d also like to pick up your beef steak or pork chops from such a masterly butcher. Well, you finally can!


  • Torenallee 86-02
  • 5651 GW Eindhoven


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