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Stories, the events location at Strijp-S with its own story!

Stories involve emotions. Felt, these emotions lead you to store the story as a memory. STORIES tells stories. Atmosphere, tastes and aromas are used to bring up emotions!

STORIES is a food and drink feel-good hotspot and the events venue of Eindhoven. Hospitality and experience feature in all our chapters; in short, hip, vibrant and atmospheric.

In Strijp-S, sometimes also referred to as the second centre of Eindhoven, entrepreneurial, creative spirits have transformed this old Philips neighbourhood into a cultural hotspot. STORIES is housed on the ground floor of Torenallee, the former Philips building “De Apparatenfabriek” (appliances factory). Stylistically combining an industrial and botanical look, it is open for breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday. In the evenings and throughout the entire weekend, this location can be rented for unique drinks, (company) parties, anniversaries, presentations, marriages, or other events. We provide ample catering, activity and entertainment options. We also have a large terrace with a view of the industrial Strijp-S.


  • Torenallee 22-02
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven


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