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Cross-pollination, intersection, multiplying activity and, of course, experience.

One of the visual highlights of Eindhoven’s bustling city districts, Strijp-S, since 2014, the SX building, which used to be one of Philips’ many factory buildings, is now Netherland’s foremost intersection between sport, marketing and media. Today, SX houses in excess of fifty entrepreneurs with the common denominator of a shared, unbridled love for sport—making it into more than just an office building.

Since the summer of 2014, the already vibrant Strijp-S, the premises of Eindhoven’s old Philips factories, has housed a unique initiative. Built in 1914, historical building SX, the former glass factory of Eindhoven’s foremost transnational corporation, has been transformed into a centre for sport, marketing and media.

Initiator Bob van Oosterhout, managing director of sport-marketing agency Triple Double, explains: “The letter X stands for cross-pollination, symbolises an intersection, as well as the multiplication of activity, and, of course, experience.”


  • Torenallee 3
  • 5617 BA Eindhoven
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