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Het Veem


That’s what we’re eating today

The word vershal (“fresh food court”) conjures up many different images. This is probably because no food court is the same. Domestically and internationally, there are often significant differences between them. All the more reason to shine a light on the unique concept of Vershal Het Veem.

Vershal Het Veem has a bit of everything. You can go there to do your daily shopping, wander around looking for inspiration and interesting products, or enjoy a drink and/or bite to eat – breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a simple snack. You’re always more than welcome. The entrepreneurs in the Vershal are ready to assist and surprise you with their passion, hospitality, knowledge and wide range of delicious products.

Vershal Het Veem is the ideal place for people who enjoy food, drink, rich tastes, aromas, tasting and quality. Such people will find the Vershal to be well worth their visit. Check out its entrepreneurs on this site for a good first impression.


  • Torenallee 86-02
  • 5617 BE Eindhoven
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