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Wine & Nuts


Nature’s best, most delicious treats.

It’s not hard to find a bag of nuts, but so many distinct kinds and of such high quality?! And roasted on the spot?! (Wow, that smells delicious!) For these things, you have to visit speciality shop of Rens Verhoeven, Wine & Nuts. You can also find the tastiest, most unique wines there.

While you’re there, take a moment to see marvel at the craftsmanship and patience with which he has decorated his shop, with elegant, handcrafted details of inlaid wood. “A hobby that got a bit out of hand. Whatever I do, I give it my all.” You can see, smell, and taste the passion Rens has for his products, which becomes tangible once the enthusiastic entrepreneur starts telling you about his beautiful, natural range of products. Wine & Nuts.


  • Torenallee 86-02
  • 5617 BD Eindhoven
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