Strijp-S - Living Lab

The improvement of the quality of life of visitors and residents (users) takes centre stage in Strijp-S’ living lab.


We strongly believe in cities that offer a more sociable, comfortable and sustainable way of living. In order to realise our vision, we challenge our partners to cooperatively develop products and services that make use of the community, and which contribute positively to the quality of life of its users. Herein, Strijp-S functions as a “living lab”, a dynamic environment where products are services can be developed, refined, disassembled, replicated and upscaled.

Living Lab Strijp-S


To test various innovative services and software solutions in terms of their functionality, robustness and viability (business cases), various systems are rolled out as (pilot) projects at Strijp-S.

Pilot project at Strijp-S

Examples are various types of sensors to measure air quality, the use of cameras to track and analyse traffic movements and smart lighting – all with the goal of improving the quality of life of users by offering solutions that add value. Cameras can, for example, assist in the process of finding free parking spaces, in turn leading to fewer searching kilometres, thereby reducing the emission of exhaust fumes. Another new service at Strijp-S is the reservable (electric) sharing bicycle.


Due to the design of the test gardens, different systems are tested and compared next to each other. As a result this means that several sensors, cameras or (sub) concepts are offered within a relative small area.


At Strijp-S, we aim to optimally serve all users, while simultaneously protecting their privacy rights. To this end, we first carefully determine whether a solution that requires obtaining (potentially) privacy-sensitive information is necessary and/or whether alternative methods may achieve the same results. If the latter isn’t the case, a data scan is used to investigate what the implications of a system/solution may be for Strijp-S.


Agreements are made with involved data processors concerning the manner in which and under what conditions this information may be processed. This information will, to the extent relevant, be clarified on this page per system. Our aim in this is maximum transparency.

Active sensors/
systems Strijp-S

A current overview

The cloud layer

The data, analyzes and communication that develop the content and context of a city.


The liveable layer

The environment, tools and applications that offer citizens a tangible city experience.


The infastructure layer

The efficient transformation and transport of core resources such as energy, water, waste and data, as well as people and goods.

Supplementary information can be found in our privacy statement and on Mobility-S’ website. This statement and the overview below are updated when systems are added to or removed from Strijp-S. It is therefore advisable to regularly visit this page for the most up-to-date information.

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